Film & Animation

Nothing captures an audience like motion pictures...

Anything in motion, we love it!. Music videos, documentaries, cartoons, viral video campaigns, television adverts, interviews/ client testimonials and anything else that moves on a screen... you can get it all right here. Karocki Media will film, animate and master your video campaign. Sorry but we don't cover weddings.

We travel, so if your business is in Mozambique for example, we will travel to the destination to shoot your advert!

Allow us to shoot a beautiful video for your hotel, game/ bush lodge, or any other business. Videos can be produced for websites, online advertising, training, television, applications, DVD etc...

Our film production operation and crew is small and compact, giving great flexibility and allowing us to travel and shoot almost anywhere.

Sorry, we do not cover weddings.

Looking for a modern style advert, let us animate it for you!

At Karocki Media, we love 2D animation! We also love mixing animation with filmed video. By mixing video and animation, we create something that is different and eye-catching.