Making sure your products and services appeal to your market...

Good branding ensures that every point of contact conveys the correct and uniform message to your clients. This message is important as it help the customer decide if this is the correct product or service for them. For example, any retailer we tell you that packaging is just as important as quality, price and location.

We will research your industry, business, competitors and markets. Then we'll develop a brand strategy to appeal to those markets and potential new ones. The data gathered from the research is not only useful for branding and advertising but can help direct the evolution of your product and even your business.

Working out whether your business's branding just needs a refresh to reconnect with the times or if a complete redesign is required can be very difficult. We will research your business, industry, markets and competitors to find what is best for you.

If your a startup, this is the time to do your homework and ensure you brand your business to maximise your potential and represent your business correctly.

Designing your logo is one of the most important aspects when it comes to branding your business. Your logo becomes a visual representation of your company and must therefore communicate messages such as who you are is and what you do.

Through careful consideration of form and colour, we can create a logo to communicate any message. A logo can make or break your branding, you can be sure that every logo we create has gone through a strategic creative process including tried and tested as well as new and cutting-edge research and design techniques.

Keeping your logo and branding fresh and up to date is highly important. We will happily analyse your existing logo and branding and provide a free, no-obligations quotation for the refresh of your current logo and/ or branding. It is important to know which aspects of a logo to keep when refreshing. We like to work closely with our clients to ensure we carry their companies values and heritage through into the new logo.

Your visual identity or VI for short is as the name suggests... it is the visual identity of your business or brand. In other words, your audience can view an advert or anything visual and be able to recognise, through form and colour, a relationship to your business or brand. It is simply how your brand is identified visually.

Why is a Visual Identity important?
It ensures that every point of visual contact is branded uniformly. Every time your client recieves a letter, email, quotation, compliment slip, fax, product information etc, they should immediatly be able to relate the branding to your business.

What is included in a Visual Identity?
Typically we refer to a Visual Identity as a set of branded stationary/ tools. A standard VI stationary set would include business cards, corporate folder, letter head, compliment slip, fax sheet and email signature. A visual identity can be extended to include brochures, flyers, signage, etc.

What is a Brand Bible?
A Brand Bible is a tool created to ensure that your brand communicates uniformly through all different mediums. The Brand Bible is a set of rules which must be followed when creating anything for the brand or associated with the brand.

Why is a Brand Bible useful to my business?
It will ensure that every venture your business or brand undertakes portrays an accurate representation of your brand. For example, an international franchise would ensure that every branch owner followed the brand bible closely thus establishing constant branding worldwide.

Aesthetics and colours
A Brand Bible outlines how and where to use that brands logo, it explaines sizes, proportions, spacing, different applications on varied backgrounds etc. All colours and shapes associated with the branding are specified in this doccument, providing everything you need to be sure that your new products, advertising or other projects are uniform to the branding.

Emotion and Mood
Emotion and mood are an important and often over-looked part of your branding. The brand bible highlights emotions and moods which the brand should trigger in its audience. Setting a mood and triggering emotion through colour, form and sound is an artform which we use to enhance your branding.

A package gives you more bang for your buck! Working on a number of items at the same time means less interruptions, less time and therefore a lower cost to you. For example, if we created a website for your business this month and a corporate folder next month, it would take us longer than if we where to create them at the same time... so with a package, you get a better deal.






3 Page website including contact page/ form Up to 5 Page website including contact page/ form Up to 10 Page website including contact page/ form, google map and 1 gallery Up to 25 Page website including contact page/ form, google map and galleries
500 business cards (1 names 1x design) including double sided printing 1000 business cards (2 names 1x design) including double sided printing 2500 business cards (5 names 1x design) including double sided printing 5000 business cards (10 names 1x design) including double sided printing
 NA Letter head including design for print and word format VI package including Design of Corporate Folder, Compliment Slip, Fax sheet and Letter Head with word format VI package including Design of Corporate Folder, Compliment Slip, Fax sheet and Letter Head with word format
NA  NA  Information Architecture "IA" Information Architecture "IA"
NA   NA NA  Brand Bible (Basic Brand Bible stipulating colours and logo use)



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